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Don’t let your dog walk down the street looking like a ragamuffin!

Dogs want to look good, too! If you are unable to bathe or clip your dog, you need the services of a professional dog groomer. The dog grooming services at King’s Pet Kare Services in New York City, NY can make your dog look like a rock star.

Our groomer has almost 10 years of experience and unlike the others in Harlem, Your babies safety is our MAIN concern. She uses state of the art quite clippers for the comfort & well being of you loved one because sometimes they are a little nervous during the experience and her job is to return them happy and smiling with no injuries. Make an appointment TODAY

If you’ve been on the fence about dog grooming services, let us tell you why you should go for it!

• Comfort—When your dog’s fur begins to tangle and mat, the skin is pulled in an irritating way. Clipping your dog’s coat can ensure that these mats and tangles aren’t yanking on your dog’s sensitive skin.

• Hygiene—Did you know that dogs with long fur, or bears, on the face experience a higher instance of dental problems? “Furry teeth” cause gingivitis and plaque build-up. Getting your dog’s hair cut can help keep its teeth clean!

• Cleanliness—Have you ever stroked your dog and felt grease on your fingertips? Even if your dog doesn’t need a haircut, a good bath can help keep its fur clean and its skin healthy.

• Shedding—When you have your dog groomed regularly, it sheds less. This means a cleaner house for you!

Our professional dog grooming department can make your dog beautiful! Whether your dog needs a brush out, a bath or a haircut, give us a call today. The friendly pet lovers at King’s Pet Kare Services in New York City, NY are waiting to serve you and your pet! Call now!

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