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You want to know that your pet is safe and happy while you are gone.

We know that pet guardians feel this way. We want the same for our own pets. That’s why we have made it our mission to give pets a loving place to stay. Whether you have a cat, a small animal, or a large dog, it’s our goal to make sure that they are well taken care of while you are away.

Here are just some of the pet sitting services we provide:

• Feeding—Tell us how often your pet likes to be fed and we’ll provide the meals. If your pet is on a special diet, let us know! We’ll ask you to bring along their food to ensure their continued good health.

• Potty Breaks—Don’t let your dog hold it all day. Don’t let your cat be forced to use a soiled litter box! We’ll make sure that your feline has fresh litter, and we’ll give your dog several opportunities to relieve itself outside.

• Love and Cuddles—Whether your guinea pig likes to sit on a warm lap or your dog wants hugs, we’re here to provide them. Each person on our staff has the art of cuddling down to a science! Your pet will get all of the love you would give it if you had the opportunity.

• Exercise—We will give your pet ample time for exercise during the day. Part of our pet sitting includes giving your dog time to play, letting your cat chase a favorite toy, or letting your hamster run in a safe place.

At King's Pet Kare with strive for Harmony among all species and we cater to them all! Every visit with us is a pleasurable so that your furry ones(s) return home with new friends and happy memories of their adventures. Parents receive text, Facetime, Skpe, Viber, etc. communications of all the fun their loved ones, to maintain peace of mind during your time apart. So don't let your baby NOT be the only one making new life long friends, let them have a memorable vacation the same as you!

Don’t let your pet stay home alone! Don’t trust the kid down the street with your pet’s care! Our expert pet sitting service is here to keep your pet safe and happy while you are away. We’ll give your pet all of the love that we can. Contact King’s Pet Kare Services in New York City, NY today!

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